Legal Hold & Discovery Response Program (DRP)

Review existing Legal Hold processes for major and minor matters and identify gaps and recommend processes and tools for consistent and defensible hold notice management and tracking including, custodian identification, issuing hold notices, tracking custodian responses. 

Ensure the DRP provides a consistent model for early case assessment (ECA) and response, roles and responsibilities to address major matters.  Implementation of the DRP should be supported through a detailed set of workflow processes and procedures, which also support strategy for effective engagement of in-house counsel, outside counsel and litigation support resources. 

For e-discovery process support, Electronically Stored Information (ESI) repositories should be identified and essential attributes captured in an ESI Map framework for use by counsel during steps such as ECA, legal hold, Meet and Confer, and discovery scoping and response planning. The ESI map can also be used as a resource for 30(b)(6) witness preparation.

  • Legal Hold Process Development
  • In-house Discovery Response Program Development (DRP)
  • Discovery Workflow, Process and Resource Strategy Development
  • ESI Map Design and Population
  • 30(b)(6) Witness Preparation
  • Legal Discovery Staff Training