Change Management, Communication and Training

Change Management begins by collecting current user behavior and understanding the change required to meet objectives. The Communication and Training Plan identifies the necessary audiences, vehicles and resources to make the change effective. Key messages and content are tested and validated using small focus groups to collect feedback.

Communication Content can include a variety of vehicles including letters to employees form the CEO, email blasts, newsletter articles, brochures, posters, and web content. Training Content development is designed to be delivered in a variety of formats including classroom, webinars, and CBT (Computer-based Training). Supporting training aids, guides and FAQs can augment the training materials. RIMS works with in-house and external creative groups to ensure content is consistent and leverages available resources.

RIMS provides on-site training delivery for general users, IT, Legal and executives. Train-the-Trainer sessions are also used to transfer knowledge and content.

• User Behavior Objectives and Metrics Development

• Communication & Training Plan Development

• Focus Groups for Message and Content Validation

• Communication Content Creation

• Training Content Creation

• Training Delivery